Procedure Videos

Surgery for Snoring and Sleep Apnea in Children

This is the latest technology, is safe and enables complete removal of the adenoids. The child can go home the same day and pain is negligible and so are the post operative complications like recurrence.

Coblator Surgery for Snoring

Coblator assisted endoscopic Turbinoplasty is done to reduce the hypertrophied turbinates. Recovery is faster and prevents Empty Nose Syndrome seen with Tubinectomies.

Tongue Tie Release

The procedure is very safe and there is virtually no bleeding, no pain or risk of infection. It is best to have this procedure performed by a specialist who is familiar with tongue tie surgeries.


The clinic follows strict COVID SOP ensuring the safety of our patients.

Sudden Hearing Loss Treatment

Intra TympanicSteroid Injection is the best and safe method for Sudden Hearing Loss. It is safe even in diabetics. However it should be done within 15 days of the episode for best results.

Sphenoid Sinusistis - Mimics Migraine

Patient presented with severe headache on the backside of the head, her symptoms were those of classical migraine not relieved with medications. CT revealed an isolated sphenoid sinus disease which was removed not through the conventional method but by Mini FESS technique. The advantage is faster recovery and very minimal side effects.

Large Vocal Cord Polyp

Patient presented with change of voice, endoscopy revealed very large polyp. Laryngeal polyp was removed completely using microlaryngeal surgery using microflap technique thereby maintaining the integrity of the Vocal fold. Voice returned to normal the next day in view of this.

Endoscopic Adenoidectomy

Power assisted adenoidectomy is quick, precise and safe. There is good visualization during resection thus ensuring complete removal of adenoid tissue and hence prevents recurrence in children. This procedure is very useful in adults since it reduces the bleeding, recovery period as well as the pain.

Myringotomy & Grommet Insertion

Myringotomy and grommet insertion is done for middle ear fluid drainage and in cnditions wherein the ear drum is pulled into the middle ear (Atelectasis) and there is no middle ear space. Hearing improves substantially with this procedure in indiacted patients.

Secondary Tracheoseophageal Puncture

In tracheoesophageal puncture or TEP, a small puncture is made between the trachea and the esophagus(Breathing and Food pipe respectively) and a one-way air valve is inserted. This air supply can be used to cause vibrations in a similar manner to esophageal speech.

Cochlear Implant Surgery

Varia technique of Cochlear Implantation this technique can be used for all types of deformities and even in revision cases

Balloon Sinuplasty

This is the latest technique for management of sinusitis, painless and very little after care is needed. Needs to be done only by certified surgeons since case selection is of utmost importance.