Terms & Conditions of Clinic

Thank you for visiting our clinic it is important that you understand and accept the following terms and conditions:
• Consultation and procedure charges will be explained beforehand, you can leave if you do not want to proceed.
• It is very difficult for the clinic to provide discounts or waive off charges.
• Please desist from requesting free consultations even if it is to “Just look into the Ear”
• If you want the specialist’s opinion even if patient is not there, you need to pay the charges
• If you want to only enquire about “something” you can email the clinic and if it is only an enquiry you will receive a response, if it is for an opinion it will be discarded
• Charges paid are valid for one week for the same complaints only
• Review consultations for the same problem if done within 15 days will be charged at 50%
• The charges are transparent and will be shown to you in advance
• If you are getting delayed please inform the clinic, if you are late by more than 30 minutes the clinic reserves the right to cancel your appointment, post that you will be treated as a walk in only and cannot demand priority
• It is very important that you bring all prior consultation notes.
• It is the patient’s responsibility to inform the clinic of any relevant medical history or allergic reaction to medications
• We have a zero tolerance policy towards loud/disorderly behaviour to our staff or persistent missing and cancellation of appointments. In these situations, the clinic reserves the right to refuse treatment.
• This is only a consultation clinic and no invasive procedure including surgeries will be undertaken
• Only Generics are prescriped if you want branded drugs you have to inform us at the time of consultation
• The clinic is under CCTV surveillance and can be used for legal purposes.
• There is an audiology unit, any complaints regarding these can be brought to our notice.
• The clinic is not registered with any online portal. All payments are to be done only at the Clinic.