Innovative Global Patent Pending Products

  WiFi Video Laryngoscope  - 3 Variants

   Android Video Laryngoscope  - 3 Variants

   Remotely Monitored Intubation Laryngoscope          

   UVC Mobile Bot - Surface/Air Non-Chemical Disinfection – 20 Variants in 5,10,12,18 & 20 Series

   UVC Box – 2 Variants

   UVC Chamber 

    UVC PPE Disinfection Chamber

   Airline UVC Disinfection Solution

   Airport Baggage Disinfection Solution


5 R

Suitable for Clinics, Small shops, offices, restaurants, coffee shops and any area of size 15 X 15 feet; disinfection for COVID in just 2 minutes, not 30 minutes or 45 minutes.

Work  Horse

12 R

Suitable for size: 40 X 40 feet; disinfection for COVID is just 2 minutes.
Most suitable for: CT/MRI room, Radiotheraphy centers, Hospitals without ICU, Hotels, Large restaurants, any place that requires faster turn around time and cost effectiveness.

Complete disinfection of all bacteria, fungus, virus and spores in just 15 minutes.

Worlds Most Powerful

20 R

Most powerful UVC emitter in the World. Most suitable for Hospitals with ICU and more than 5 Operating rooms that need faster turnaround time between surgeries.

Disinfects 50 X 50 feet room for Corona virus in just 3 minutes and all types of micro-organism in just 15 minutes.

 UVC Box 

Just 30 Seconds


3 trays to disinfect wallets, phone, watch or any other small items within just 30 seconds for Corona virus and less than 3 minutes for complete disinfection of bacteria, fungus & spores.

Most powerful in the Indian market and only one with proven efficacy of just 30 seconds.

UVC Chamber 

Lift it, Place it & Disinfect Anything

Worlds first wherein items are disinfected by placing the chamber over them or not putting them inside. Prevents cross contamination.

Can disinfect all food items and footwear, truly mobile.

Again disinfection cycle for CORONA is just 30 seconds, not even 1 minute.

Helping to Conserve Resources

UVC PPE/Suit Disinfecting Chamber

Worlds first disinfecting chamber for PPE, OT Dress and any full length wear acn be disinfected in just 60 seconds.

Worlds Most Unique Video Laryngoscope

Portable Video Laryngoscope

The video laryngoscope can be carried by the anaesthetist whereever he/she goes and fits into thier pocket.

Very good teaching tool for trainees. Uses the doctors own android phone as light source and to visualize the throat.

Worlds First WiFi Video Laryngoscope

Handle acts as WiFi Router 

For the first time we have developed a video laryngoscope that acts as wifi router enabling the video to be seen on an android TV or on the big screen, helps in training and understanding the anatomy. Remote viewing possible.

Ambulance to Hospital in Real Time

Global Viewing on N number of Devices in Real Time 

Once again another medical device that is the Worlds first to allow viewing of the procedure in real time across the globe.

This will help save lives.